Panda Soup

Panda Soup

  • $12.99

Jamal the panda likes his soup...but what do you do when you're literally stone-broke? You get some friends together, of course, and work your magic on them to get them to make you lunch!

This storybook features the new proprietary Squid For Brains Chinese handwriting font -- better for beginners to copy than printed fonts! Improve their reading and get the forms of "reasonably decent beginner handwriting" into their hands and eyes at the same time. 

This simple Chinese reader is intended for new readers of Mandarin Chinese. In contrast to children's picture books, which are intended for native speakers, the Zhongwen Bu Mafan! series focuses on the highest-frequency words in the language, providing beginning readers with an engaging and accessible way to strengthen their reading skills in Chinese.

Based on a familiar folk tale, there are lots of options here for bridging to the English curriculum in your school, or for expanded storytelling, acting-out and comparisons!