Milo youchoubibao!

  • $8.99

A true first-year reader that uses high-frequency vocabulary! Milo youchoubibao can be read after seven units of Zhongwen Bu Mafan! or during the first year of most middle school/high school Chinese programs.

Milo and his friends are after the absolutely coolest club on campus -- but little did they know that the queen of the Robotics Club is the horrible Mrs. Bell! Will Milo manage to get his friends to the competition and make sure Mrs. Bell gets her just desserts too?

This easy reader for new readers of Chinese as a foreign or second language concentrates on the highest-frequency words and characters while telling an unpredictable and interesting story. Milo and his friends get into trouble (and sometimes back out of it?) in less than 250 unique Chinese words (under 175 unique characters).

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