Mandarin Wall Signs - You Print

  • $19.99

The original language-through-signs product for Mandarin Chinese! Boost the comprehensibility of your input with a visual reminder that's easy to read and easy to use. This set of bright, sturdy wall signs covers virtually all of the language you'll need to get zero-Chinese students speaking proficiently over the first two or three levels. They're clear and simple, easily read from a distance, and efficiently support all the major grammar and structural points of Mandarin for better Comprehended Input. Classroom rejoinders, circumlocution, modal verbs, grammar points, and more. Set of 88 signs.

You will receive the printable PDF file in an email from SquidForBrains, separate from the confirmations of your order. Please allow a day or two at the outside for the Squid to handle the order, and make sure the email on your order is the email you want the file to be sent to. Contact the Squid using the contact link at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.