A Puerco le gusta hacer selfies!

  • $12.99

Who doesn't like selfies? Lots of people, as it turns out. Will Pig be able to outwit the naysayers in time to achieve photographic immortality? 

Part of the Comprehended Input(TM) series of illustrated storybooks for emergent readers learning Spanish as a second or foreign language, this book tells an interesting, unpredictable story using 48 total unique words (which includes 10 cognates). Verb forms are counted as separate words, and the glossary includes information beginners need on how words go together as well as single-word definitions. Unlike Spanish-language children's books, this series is written to help students who are not native speakers to learn to read Spanish in an enjoyable yet effective way. It focuses on the highest-frequency words and provides lots of repetition, though in unpredictable ways, so students can thoroughly internalize the important foundational words of the language.

Language focus is hacer and le gusta.