YouPrint: Playing Cards: Chinese

  • $9.99

Everyone loves card games — and these standard playing card decks will make your games double the fun as you learn your Chinese numbers, challenge your friends for speed, or just mystify the uninitiated!

Standard playing card decks include Pinyin on one end and characters on the other. Suits are also labeled in words. For the advanced player, there’s our 12 Heavenly Stems deck — where the numbers are replaced with those pesky symbols no one can really remember the order of past the third one…

YouPrint: 52-card deck in PDF format ready for you to print on cardstock or paper using your own printer. A YouPrint license allows a single teacher to print unlimited decks for the use of her or her own students.

Professionally Printed: A 52-card deck professionally printed on sturdy C2S stock, packed in a durable 4mm reclosable polybag for years of service is also available.