Susana está molesta (in FULL COLOR!)

  • $9.99

Susana is sick of life in her poky small town, with her mom's disastrous cooking and a computer that was made back in the Dark Ages. But she can't figure out how to change anything, until one day a fateful encounter sets her family off on a quest for fame, fortune and...dogsleds?

Written in simple Spanish suitable for beginners and reluctant readers and edited by a native speaker, this chapter book tells an unpredictable and engaging story using a limited number of unique words. Like all Squid For Brains readers, it emphasizes subtle repetition of the highest frequency words and grammar points in the language and uses a quirky story to pull in reluctant readers. And first among chapter books, it's in full color -- kids will want to read to find out what's up with what they see in the pictures!

Plus, there's a full and beginner-useful glossary included.

Suitable for beginning readers of Spanish as a Second or Foreign Language. A great addition to an FVR library or for self-study. Full glossary included, with all the forms of words beginners wouldn't know how to find included.