Food Fight: Yangshuo (Zhongwen Bu Mafan Deck A) (YouPrint!)

  • $9.99

This Food Fight game will make it easy for students to read simple Chinese texts. They’ll use their growing reading skills to correctly identify characters and dash their opponent’s hopes of winning, while building their own ability to easily and fluently read Chinese!

Best of all, this deck practices the words you’ll find in the Zhongwen Bu Mafan! series of lesson modules, as well as our fun Squid For Brains Chinese language illustrated storybooks. It’s a great way to review, or an engaging class activity that ties directly into reading. Teachers -- if you've got a sub coming in, this is an easy lesson plan!

Food Fight games work the same way as SquidForBrains popular War games, but with fewer words per deck, giving more intensive and focused practice for novice readers.

The convenient YouPrint option allows you to print and cut as many decks as you like for your personal use or for use with your own students.