Hanzi Bu Mafan! 5 hard-copy workbooks

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Writing Hanzi is easy with Hanzi Bu Mafan! The whole-brain focus uses facts and imagination to guide learners to better recognize and remember the Chinese characters they need. Includes simplified and traditional variants and different fonts, as well as a place for students to reflect on how they will remember the character and to decorate it and turn it into a memorable image.

Want to provide a bit more practice with the formation of Chinese characters? Do your students need a solid reference they can go back to time and time again to help with their literacy foundation? This innovative Chinese character writing workbook by Cynthia Cramsie, an experienced CI-based teacher of Mandarin, focuses on whole-brain mastery of Chinese characters. Vol. 1 contains characters found in most beginning textbook series, including the  Zhongwen Bu Mafan CI Chinese series. Kids tap into their own creativity as they come up with ways to remember characters, discover related words, and learn to write Chinese. 

The perforated full-color workbook pages include simplified and traditional variants and different fonts, practice space, easy-to-follow stroke order diagrams, and a place for students to reflect in English on how they will remember the character. A full-page big character gives kids a place to decorate each one and turn it into a memorable image. Perforated pages remove cleanly for display or collection.

A great supplement to Zhongwen Bu Mafan storybooks or any popular Mandarin textbook, or could be used on its own as a fun way to explore the language. A solid start for a sub plan, too! Contains both Simplified and Traditional variants for over 100 high frequency or particularly "interesting" characters, with color coding, tonal spelling, practice space and writing areas (make the English teacher happy, too!)


Please note: this is NOT a blackline reproducible version; it is a professionally-printed, full-color, perforated hard copy workbook set (5 copies). If you prefer to order a PDF license to allow unlimited printing of copies for all of your own students, please choose the PDF product.