ZWBMF Class Pack 1.0

ZWBMF Class Pack 1.0

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A totally different kind of Chinese textbook!

The Zhongwen Bu Mafan! class pack series provides you everything you need (well, except students and imagination!) to effectively teach beginners to be confident speakers and joyful readers of Mandarin Chinese. The resources in each pack may vary, but generally provide opportunities to establish meaning on new vocabulary, associate directional gestures, use PictureTalk, Personalized Questions and Answers, and story-asking to provide comprehended input, and give students lots and lots of reading practice at their level, for use with Cold Character Reading (Mandarin literacy without memorization).

This Pack is intended for students with zero previous Chinese, and prepares them to read the "Giuseppe xiǎng CHĪ PĪSà" reader (included in the ClassPack in projectable format). The hard-copy storybook can be purchased separately. The ClassPack can be projected or used on a SmartBoard. Your ClassPack will be emailed to you manually; please ensure that your customer details are correct to avoid delay in receiving your ClassPack.

 Like to use games in class? The Food Fight: Yangshuo card game coordinates with this lesson pack and Pack 2.0, for extra reading practice in a fun environment. Great for sub plans, too.


An accompanying Literacy Pack with extensive printable reading and writing exercises, including parallel readings, is available as well. And don't forget to stop over at our Zhongwen Bu Mafan! support site. We're here to help you succeed in delivering great Comprehended Input to your students!