Sunzi: Great Wall (Integrated College Chinese) (YouPrint)

Sunzi: Great Wall (Integrated College Chinese) (YouPrint)

  • $5.95

The must-have card game for learning Chinese with TPRS! The classic game of War with key Chinese words and phrases from many popular Chinese textbooks. Learn them all to master Sunzi: Battle for the Great Wall!

Sunzi, the game of war, pits your knowledge of introductory Chinese vocabulary and phrases against your opponent. Be the first to grab all the cards by winning each pair. Sunzi: Battle for the Great Wall covers the highest frequency, essential words and phrases.  Get Battle for the Great Wall and get started on the way to Chinese fluency today!

Coordinates particularly well with Integrated Chinese Level 1, as well as Huanying, Encounters, and most level 1 Chinese texts. The game is completely self-correcting and can be played as a useful class activity with a sub who does not speak Chinese, as well as just for fun!

The convenient YouPrint option allows you to print and cut as many decks as you like for your personal use or for use with your own students.