Giuseppe Xiang Chi Pisa: Projectable Version

Giuseppe Xiang Chi Pisa: Projectable Version

  • $12.99

Are you teaching literacy using Cold Character Reading?  Or just want to give your class an easy, entertaining story they can read together? Projectable "Giuseppe" is just the ticket!

This PDF contains the full illustrated text of the original book. It cannot be printed or duplicated. It is licensed to a single teacher for unlimited use via projection in all that teacher's classrooms. Please inquire about site license discounts.

Giuseppe wants to indulge his appreciation of the finer things in a good pizza...but where can he find the toppings of his dreams? Written for emergent readers of Mandarin Chinese as a second language, "Giuseppe" tells a 400+ word story in just 19 unique Chinese characters.

This simple Chinese reader is intended for new readers of Mandarin Chinese. In contrast to children's picture books, which are intended for native speakers, the Zhongwen Bu Mafan! series focuses on the highest-frequency words in the language, providing beginning readers with an engaging and accessible way to strengthen their reading skills in Chinese.