Cold Character Reading for Japanese

Cold Character Reading for Japanese

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Eight live weekly sessions, starting Friday May 7, 2021 (7 pm New York time). Please check your local time zone carefully!

Cold Character Reading for Japanese

This series of webinars gives a comprehensive overview on how to effectively use the Cold Character Reading method to teach Japanese literacy without memorization. Please double-check the email on your Squid For Brains account -- all messages will go to that e-mail.

Eight convenient online sessions explore:

Session 1: Practical CI and how it specifically supports no-memorization literacy in Japanese

Session 2: Cold Character reading demonstration: participants learn an unknown language and read in characters.

Session 3: Reading readiness for non-Roman alphabet scripts 

Session 4Cold Character Reading: Texts.

Session 5Cold Character Reading: First Pass.

Session 6: Cold Character Reading: Subsequent whole-class readings

Session 7: Cold Character Reading: Consolidation, Practice and Homework

Session 8: Parallel texts and assessment

Move quickly from theory to real best practice in teaching emerging readers of Japanese. This webinar series contains content equivalent to two and a half days of in-person workshops. Private video replays will be available for at least 7 days, starting the Monday after each session.

We will be working with stories from Easy Japanese Stories Vol. 1 as a starting point to demonstrate how to modify existing materials to be effective in Cold Character Reading.

By registering for this webinar, you agree that video and/or audio of you during sessions may be used for any purpose, including future training and/or promotions.

You will receive an email (sent to the email you entered above on this page) containing the link to the webinar. It may take a day or two for this to arrive. Please be patient and use the contact form on this site to let us know if you do not have a link by the morning of the webinar.