ZWBMF Literacy Pack ("LitPack") 2.0

ZWBMF Literacy Pack ("LitPack") 2.0

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Reading and writing don't stop after one time through the story!

This 46-page Literacy Pack to supplement Zhongwen Bu Mafan! Class Pack 2.0 contains more reading and writing exercises than you will need or want -- take your pick, or hold some back for reviews or beginning-of-next-year to get things going again!

New readers of Chinese require lots of practice. The Zhongwen Bu Mafan! LitPack supplements offer rich textual experiences to students, covering the full range from simple fill-in-the-blank exercises (actually another opportunity to re-read the text) to totally new texts for further reading. Exercises are illustrated and offer different ways for new readers and writers to build skills and work together at the same time.

Each Literacy Pack comes with complete instructions to the teacher on how to implement an effective peer-reading program in class, freeing the teacher to give attention to individual students and truly follow the progress of each student in his or her Chinese reading journey.

This Pack is intended as complementary additional literacy instruction for students who have completed all the oral and written input from ClassPack 2.0  You must have ClassPack 2.0 to do the initial Cold Character Reading activity as an illustrated, projected slide show.

This item will be delivered into a customized Dropbox folder you will have access to. It is licensed to a single teacher for use with that teacher's students. Ask about site licenses for larger departments.

 Like to use games in class? The Food Fight: Yangshuo card game coordinates with this lesson pack and Pack 2.0, for extra reading practice in a fun environment. Great for sub plans, too.


An accompanying ClassPack with extensive resources for teaching the language through Comprehended Input, and a fully-illustrated projectable reading,is also available. And don't forget to stop over at our Zhongwen Bu Mafan! support site. We're here to help you succeed in delivering great Comprehended Input to your students!