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A flexible, a la carte curriculum for true beginners in Mandarin Chinese!

Loads of illustrations and pictures, vocabulary, "shadows" to help with circling, projectable resources to support you doing PictureTalk, Personalized Questions and Answers, and/or Story-Asking (mix and match or do as many or as few as you like), plus readings, story strips for retells or story-asking, easy assessments and of course hints for the teacher...all leading to a substantial (think hundreds of characters long) story that is completely comprehensible to your students and will support Cold Character Reading for literacy without memorization. And did we mention the supplemental materials for reading and writing practice? :-)

It's what you've been wishing for in the CI Chinese classroom. Comprehended Input made easier at the crucial novice level. Make confident, joyful speakers and readers of Mandarin with Zhongwen Bu Mafan!

6 products
  • Panda Soup Flipbook (Simplified Chinese)
  • Panda Jack Flipbook (Simplified Chinese)
  • Panda White Flipbook (Simplified Chinese)
  • The Three Pandas Flipbook (Simplified Chinese)
  • Pandarella Flipbook (Simplified Chinese)
  • Pig Takes Selfies Flipbook (Simplified Chinese)