TCI for Mandarin Chinese: the Essential Knowledge series

TCI for Mandarin Chinese: the Essential Knowledge series

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Registrations received after 8:30 am New York time on October 17 will be processed, but you may not receive your link in time to participate live in the first session.

October-November 2020: 10/17 10/24 10/31 11/7 11/14 11/21  11/28

TCI for Mandarin Chinese: The Essential Knowledge series

This series of webinars gives a comprehensive overview on how to effectively teach Mandarin using Comprehensible Input. CI training given by teachers who do not teach Mandarin generally fails to address the special issues Mandarin teachers face: a character-based script, tones, no cognates, Romanization, and teaching situations in which teachers often travel or have multiple preps.

Seven sessions go deeply into:

Session 1: What is Comprehensible Input and how does it work in a modern classroom?

Session 2: Overview of a CI unit, from introduction to assessment. Ensuring student success.

Session 3: Questioning 

Session 4: Putting it together: target phrases, other language and types of activities

Session 5: Teaching grammar through CI

Session 6: Reading without memorization: Cold Character reading.

Session 7: Writing in the CI Chinese classroom

Move quickly from theory to real best practice for all ages and levels of learners, with a particular focus on beginners with the content of a two-day in-person workshop, supported by a dedicated, private online forum for questions and sharing with fellow TCI teachers. Private video replays will be available for 7 days in this forum, starting the Wednesday after each session.

By registering for this webinar, you agree that video and/or audio of you during sessions may be used for future training and/or promotional purposes.

You will receive an email (sent to the email you entered above on this page) containing the link to the webinar. It may take a day or two for this to arrive. Please be patient and use the contact form on this site to let us know if you do not have a link by the morning of the webinar.