Spanish Culture Carnival

  • $14.99

The Carnival's in town -- with a Spanish twist! Use your knowledge of Spanish culture and history to build your Carnival and put your competitors out of business using the special powers on each deck's cards!  A unique self-correction mechanism makes this a great game for sub plans or stations. Order professionally printed decks in long-lasting plastic boxes, or take advantage of the convenient YouPrint option that allows you to print and cut as many decks as you like for your personal use or for use with your own students.

There are a total of 5 decks of Carnival game cards in the Spanish Culture system, with over 500 interesting facts about Hispanic culture and history. Each deck has slightly different "game powers" (your students will understand) and gameplay is balanced no matter how many decks are played. Decks in the Spanish Language Carnival system can be interplayed with Carnival decks in any topic, so a five-person game with one learning Spanish language, one reviewing chemistry, one learning Greek mythology, another looking at Chinese radicals and the last doing SAT vocabulary is possible -- and everyone picks up a lot more than just what's on their own deck!