Physical Pointers

  • $9.99

Nothing keeps language comprehensible, especially for beginners, like pausing and pointing to reminders of meaning. And nothing does that as effectively as a good old-fashioned physical pointer. Laser pointers are difficult to track quickly, wiggle too much, and tend to make teachers go faster, not slower. Using a sturdy extendable physical pointer helps students easily see exactly what you're pointing to while also reminding you to slow down and keep the input comprehended.

Pointers are about 10" when closed and extend out to four feet in length. We recommend holding the metal end and pointing with the cushioned "handle" -- this makes less noise if the pointer contacts a hard surface such as a whiteboard.  

Colors vary. If it doesn't show up in the dropdown menu, we don't have it in stock at the moment. However, all colors are guaranteed to point equally well. Guaranteed! :-)