Mildred Yao Nan Pengyou! Projectable Version

Mildred Yao Nan Pengyou! Projectable Version

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Oh Romeo...Romeo...never mind wherefore, where are you?

Mildred is looking for her soulmate, but she’s not inclined to settle for anything less than every single thing on her Ideal list. Will Mildred find happiness and check all the boxes?

Third in the Zhongwen Bu Mafan! reader series. Mildred introduces many repetitions of numbers up to 100, question word "jǐ", nuclear family members, and naming. This reader was designed especially for use in Cold Character Reading in the Mandarin classroom, but is equally useful for any beginning readers of Chinese. In contrast to children's picture books, which are intended for native speakers, the Zhongwen Bu Mafan! series focuses on the highest-frequency words in the language, providing beginning readers with an engaging and accessible way to strengthen their reading skills in Chinese.

This projectable PDF file has the same text and illustrations as the simple Chinese reader "Mildred" intended for new readers of Mandarin Chinese. The license permits unlimited projection by one teacher for all his or her classes, but does not allow copying or printing of the file. Printed versions of this book are available for your class library.