Susan you mafan!: THE easy Chinese reader!

Susan you mafan! (Mandarin)


A simple 1st year TPRS-style reader, suitable for beginners. Can be started in month 1 of study.


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Product Description

A very unpredictible yet simple novel in very easy Chinese — suitable for first-semester students.

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Susan is caught on the treadmill of life in her boring town — dealing with an obsolete computer, a nagging mother, and that nice guy at the ValuMart who just doesn’t know she exists. Until one day, that is — when a chance errand brings her family something that will change their lives — well, maybe not forever, but at least for a few months!

“Susan you mafan” is a true first-year Chinese reader. The first chapter can be read in the first month of Chinese study, and each chapter builds on the language that has been used in earlier in the book. The story is 9871 words long, uses 207 unique Chinese characters, and contains 431 extended words (about 212 “headwords”). The plot is school-friendly and suitable for students from about sixth grade onward; it is not romance-focused.

This reader articulates with the Zhongwen Bu Mafan! curriculum. After completing Zhongwen Bu Mafan!, your students will be able to read the entire book without significant further instruction.

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Please respect the effort and time that goes into writing a reader, and order a class set if you plan to use the book in class. Photocopying is theft. Is that what we want to teach our students? If you cannot order a class set at this time, please contact us for permission to reproduce which is usually granted, on a case-by-case basis.

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Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


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