Students Write Chinese Easily with Ti-Bi Cards…two tiny cards pack the 800 most common Chinese characters for use in class or real life!

The TiBi Writing Card: Never Forget a Character Again!


This tiny card packs a powerful punch in helping learners of Chinese recall how to form characters that they can recognize — making writing a snap!

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View a short and sweet presentation on the TiBi Card here!

The TiBi™ Card is just the thing to jog your memory when you’re stuck writing a character you recognize but can’t quite remember. It’s great for classes that emphasize computer input as the primary means of writing Chinese, but do not always have access to computers. People living in a Chinese-speaking environment love it too, for the quick convenience of knowing you can always fill out a form or write the complex number forms at the bank without having to whip out your cell phone or carry a dictionary with you. It’s small, discreet and reliable. Made of sturdy plastic, the TiBi™ Card set is two cards just the size of a credit card, but containing the 800 most frequent Chinese characters, plus a few special bonuses.

The TiBi Card (提筆卡) provides the convenience of computer input in places where there just isn’t one! Students love what the TiBi Card tell them about characters — the Pinyin, the tone, and the form. Teachers love what it doesn’t tell — the English meaning and which characters go together into a combination.

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