CircleUp! builds TPRS® skills fast! Used by top presenters and coaches, the CircleUp! card system has teachers circling randomly in minutes, making the old diagram-based training obsolete!

CircleUp! TPRS Training Cards


By popular demand, here's the new-and-improved CircleUp BASIC set! Put unpredictible, comprehensive and comprehensible input is in the palm of your hand with CircleUp BASIC. As seen at NTPRS.

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The new-and-improved CircleUp BASIC set puts the power of unpredictible, comprehensive and comprehensible input in the palm of your hand!The CircleUp! BASIC system is like having a skilled TPRS coach in the palm of your hand. Taking a workshop will show you the basics, but circling needs to be unconscious and automatic if your TPRS is going to succeed in a real classroom.

The CircleUp! BASIC deck lets you practice at your own speed, without using a chart that throws you into predictible patterns. Add as many or as few cards at a time as you like. Focus on one skill or multiple skills. “Stack” your deck to remind yourself of specific skills at specific times, or shuffle and see what happens!

Like the full CircleUp! system, this set is designed to allow anyone to easily master the basic TPRS® skill of circling (asking patterned, repetitive questions in an unpredictible order, while interspersing comprehension checks, grammar pop-ups, etc.)  The BASIC set includes skill cards to focus on the problems beginning circlers most often experience, and comes in a plain tuckbox to save cost.

This deck includes the basic circling questions in four colors. Each color represents one part of the sentence that is to be circled. By looking at the card message and its color, you know immediately what question to ask! It also includes skills cards to help you master not only question-asking but question-asking the TPRS way.

CircleUp! was developed by Terry Waltz, an experienced TPRS® teacher of Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, presenter, teacher trainer and coach. It is the system she uses to train teachers in circling techniques at workshops.

This product includes question cards and skills cards in a plain tuckbox.

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Don’t forget to download the free CircleUp! Quick Start instruction set to get the most out of your CircleUp! cards.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 x 4 x 1 in
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Basic, Full


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